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Our first night in town, March 13, 2019, was a long day. My girl was tired and sent me out to get some food.

The closest bar near our temporary digs was the New York Bar, now closed, but Mick the friendly Australian barman told us about their sister location just a few blocks away, The Londoner, a British Pub would be a great place to either grab takeout or at least ask the bartender while enjoying a glass of wine.

Well the menu looked good and people were eating so I ordered something to go and just then the music started.

Enter Walking Tom and Dave, of Walking Tom and The Crutches, a local bluesy harmonica player from Europe and Dave I later found out was from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, just south of me in my home state of NJ.

These two are good and with the complete band even better.

Take a listen:

You can find more videos on Tom’s YouTube Channel.

My wife and I returned the next night to The Londoner and the music was once again first class.

Jake Levinson was playing with Sagan and Jack.

We ended up meeting a couple and having good food and conversation.

Let’s get back to the music because these guys were really talented and Jake has an amazing voice for the Blues, check him out below and on YouTube.

That night we also heard about a New Orleans Jazz pianist named Nelson.

Now I am a local bar type of guy and The Londoner definitely fits the bill but I heard of a local “Dive Bar” called The Exit Inn ran by Alabama Bob.

Well I had to find it and went there and I ran into Nelson Lunding.  He told us he was playing that Friday at La Esquina del Jazz

just a couple blocks east of The Exit Inn.

In this video Nelson is playing with Willie Gomez and Norm Wheeler.

There are more videos of Nelson on his YouTube Channel.

Willie definitely has talent and is one heck of a nice guy.

Check out him and Thom performing the Antigua Shuffle.

A performer who we have met a few times but yet to see is Jamila Love.

The talent in this town is overflowing and Jamila is definitely talented.

Just last month, February 2020, we met Dame Alexander.

Dame, a Canadian, that has been a frequent visitor to Antigua has performed at Cafe No Se and The Exit Inn but I have yet to see him.

Of course, I did dig around on YouTube and Dame is definitely a talented guy.

Another fun duo to see is Dos Gatos who consist of Matt Zimmerman and Dave Gerow.

They play a lot of Beetles when at The Londoner, quite an appropriate fit for that venue and owner.

They have a few videos up on Larry’s YT Channel.

There are many talented musicians that pass through this town and if your looking for a Saturday morning of great food, music, and a farmers market, Caoba Farms is a must do while in Antigua experience.

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