My 5 Favorite Bars In Antigua

Being raised with frequent visits and many hours in my families neighborhood local bar in Kearny NJ, Graham’s Tavern, gives me a great love for local bars.

Now living in Central America we have the local expat bars which is usually a good mix of expats and English speaking locals.

Antigua is no different.

The Londoner

The first local bar I went to regularly was The New Yorker, but they closed a few months after we arrived, but from Mick their barman/manager I was referred over to The Londoner.

Mick sitting at the bar
Mick sitting at the bar

The Londoner is a local British Pub with good Pub Grub and a great mix of locals, expats and tourist on any given night of the week.

They have a pretty good steak on the menu, along with Fish & Chips on Fridays & Saturdays, Cottage pie topped with Cheesy mash, Bangers & Mash, Bacon Cheeseburgers, home cut fries, 24oz. T-bone and more.

On Tuesdays they have Trivia Night and Live Music many other nights starting around 7PM.

If your looking for the low down on local living and meeting some great people you my stroll on in…just be careful to not stagger out.

The Londoner Night Time

For more detailed information click on The Londoner and get the entire story by clicking here.

The Snug

The next local bar I stumbled upon was The Snug, an Irish Bar run by two Irishmen Mark and Rory, literally one of the smallest bars I have ever been in. Since then they have relocated to a new spot in front of  Tanque La Unión.

The bar in the new location is still snug (pun intended) and a nice side dining room and patio out back where you can smoke if it is your desire.

The back patio holds a spiral staircase that leads up to The Snug’s best feature is the terrace with a magnificent view of  Volcan de Agua.

Volcan de Agua is 3,760 meters above sea level and 2,000 meters above the Guatemala highlands and provides a heck of a view from the bar and even more impressive from the terrace.

My favorite meals here are the Shepards Pie, Fish & Chips, and the Curry.

For about $15 you can get a bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.

Things really get hopping around sunset on the terrace and there are plenty of good times to be had.

Sundays At The Snug

Sundays bring out the really good grub with their famous Sunday Roast starting at 1:00PM.

Sunday Roast

Later in the afternoon starting at 4:00PM are The 6th Street Sessions with local acts like Walking Tom, Sagan, Jake Levinson, and Nelson Lunding to mention a few of the local talented performers. You can read more about the local music scene on my other blog post Music Scene of Antigua.

For more detailed information click on The Snug and get the entire story by clicking here.



Reilly’s Irish Tavern

Walking south from the park down 5 Avenida Sur when you get to 6th Street you will see Reilly’s Irish Tavern on the corner.

A long straight bar with four TVs and multiple games on it is my go to spot for watching the NFL.

They also draw quite a crowd for that other sport that is called football.

Reilly’s has also been known to have an Irishman or two working the bar.

Gazza Behind The Bar

Up by the front door is the dart board and walk straight back past the bar and in the back room they have a pool table.

I usually order the fajitas or wings when I grab a bite to eat there.


The Exit Inn

Just across the street from La Fuente you enter through a little clothes shop named UX BAL.

The first door to the left when entering into the garden area you will see the real 5 Star dive bar named The Exit Inn.

The place is run by Bob Wheat from Alabama and it is a hard drinking place.

The booze is cheap and the conversation and joking around is entertaining to say the least.

The menu changes every couple days and the food is good.

Darts is played quite regularly there as they are the current 2 time champs with this season being undefeated.

Sean Fagan will be happy to let you know that he is Antiguas best bartender three years running. It might be four years running by now.

Lot’s of hangovers are suffered after a night at the Exit or even known to happen from an afternoon there.


La Taverna


Just down the 4th Calle, one and one half blocks from the Parque Central, is La Taverna, located in Centro Comercial La Fuente on the North side of the street.

This dark little pub, complete with dartboard, is a bit larger than it seems do to the outdoor seating on the patio.

Dart Time

This was one of the go to places for locals and ex-pats living in Antigua.

  Although small, it is a comfortable place to grab a drink and most likely catch up with someone from the States, Canada, Europe or anywhere else in the world

if you’re looking for some company and conversation.

This really has the feel of a tavern with its dark wood and comfortably padded bar stools.

Happy Hour runs until 7:00PM

La Fuente often has local Latin Bands play out by the fountain and also puts on dramatical performances for special occasions like La Dia de Los Muertos, Christmas and a couple others to enjoy over your cocktail.

Restaurants you can order from while enjoying a drink at La Taverna:

Petra Arabic Food: Petra’s Menu

Yzote Kape´Pupusaria: BEST VALUE- Yzote Kape Menu

Veinti&siete: Facebook Page – 27 Menu

Panquewaffles – Panqueswffle Menu

La Bruja Vegetarian

La Criolla

Some of the featured local musical acts are as follows:


The Payson

Chinga La Maruca

La Clave

Alex Lima

José Maltez





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