Parque Central: The Heart of Antigua

Banks, cafes, museums, the church, an indigenous market, people gathering and watching all come together in the heart of Antigua known as Parque Central. Here you will see locals, local ex-pats and tourist gathering as a meeting spot to chat and people watch. You will see many local Mayan women in traditional dress selling their goods. At the heart of the park is the Fountain of The Sirens “Fuente de las Sirenas”  with the famous lactating Mayan women. The fountain has many people having their picture taken in front of it. As you walk around town from in front of the famous arch to the front of old doors you will see amateur and professional photographers and models performing photo shoots. Locations around Parque Central

South End of the Park:

The Museum of Santiago de los Caballeros is located in front of Central Park, at City Hall. The museum offers five exhibition rooms with ancient paintings and sculptures. In one of these rooms, tourists may observe a frame representing the old city, as well as witness other important changes to the city. Swords, cannons, and muskets are also exhibited here.

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Operation hours: Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 4 pm; Saturday-Sunday: 10 am- 4 pm.

On the same block a few meters east we have:

Palacio de Los Capitanes is located in the southeast corner of Central Plaza. Palacio de Los Capitanes is another popular tourist attraction, constructed with a wooden floor and stunning arches that support the entire structure. The historical landmark was constructed in the middle of the 16th century and was once the residence of the Viceroy, head offices for the government of Central America, for 200 years.

Just north on the east side of the park we have:

Cathedral of Saint Joseph on the Parque Central in the city of Antigua , Guatemala.

Cathedral of Saint Joseph

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral (Spanish: Cathedral de San José) is a Roman Catholic church in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. The original church was built around 1541 but suffered several earthquakes throughout its history, and the first church building was demolished in 1669. The cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. By 1743 the cathedral was one of the largest in Central America. However, the devastating 1773 Guatemala earthquake seriously damaged much of the building, though the two towers at the front remained largely intact. The cathedral has been partly rebuilt since the early earthquake.

North Side of the Park we have:

the main square in the old town in the city of Antigua in Guatemala in central America.

Museo del Libro Antiguo

Guatemala’s first printing press was established here in 1660. In 1956, the building became home to the Museum del Libro Antiguo. Among the exhibits, visitors will find a copy of the original printing press along with an overview of the history of printing, the will of Hermano Pedro – Guatemala’s most well known religious character – as well as a room dedicated to the process of making marbled paper.

Operation hours: Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 4 pm; Saturday – Sunday: 9 am – 12 pm and from 2 pm – 4 pm.

Palacio del Ayuntamiento
Antigua’s City Hall, or “Palacio del Ayuntamiento,” is located across Central Park, next to the Cathedral. The original building features several different session rooms, a jail, as well as a prison chapel. Restoration efforts were led by architect Diego de Porres in the middle of the 18th century.

On the west side of the park we have:

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, April, 25, 2018: Stoned apvement street and people walking and enjoying the gorgeous sunny day of Antigua city and the Agua volcano in the background Guatemala.

Portal de las Panaderas
Portal de las Panaderas, or Baker’s Porch. The walls continue to maintain the secrets of the colonial past, offering a fountain and large assortment of cafés inside the court.

Great places on the porch for coffee and a bite to eat are Cafe Portal and Cafe Condesa.

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