Antigua Guatemala Documentary

They say that the person who leaves is not the same person that comes back.

But what if we decide to come back?

Sometimes a trip can change your life so much that you feel home thousand of miles away from the place you once called home.

This is a love story, but not the kind of love story that you are used to hearing. Because this is the story of Karitza and Matt.

They grew up far away from each other, Matt in Orlando, US and Karitza in Guatemala City.

Together it becomes the Black Mamba Café

One day they found themselves ready to leave their old life and embrace their dreams of a more meaningful life. Antigua, the city of eternal spring, vivid colors, and beautiful colonial buildings is a place you easily fall in love with. This is also where this love story begins. A story that involves love, dreams, music, cigarettes, coffee, beers, and a cute cat. Mixed together it becomes the Black Mamba Café.

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Steve Graham

I am an entrepreneur living since 2005 in Central America. I have educated two daughters here and operated four different businesses in three different countries in Central America.

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