An Afternoon Far Above Antigua

Beso de Luna Glamping & Dining

My wife and I have a tendency to stay in the Casco of Antigua (Central Antigua) which is approximately 9 by 9 city blocks give or take, but our friend Carlos began bartending at Best de Luna. High above Antigua just a few hundred meters before Hobbitenango sits Beso de Luna which at times is above the clouds. This is a new operation that was just starting to open when the pandemic hit and now they are back up and running.

We called our driver Allen and planned a trip up the hill (Q35 each way) for Sunday at about 12:30 as our friend Dame Alexander was the entertainer for the afternoon with his performance beginning at 1:00PM. 

Traveling up the road went smooth.  At one particular steep climb Allen had to slow down to allow distance between us and the truck in front of us to pick up speed to make it up the incline.

Just a few minutes after that climb we came to a complete stop. There was a long line of traffic. Allen explained that in the Village of Alto there is a stretch that is only one lane wide so traffic stops to allow alternating flows both ways. As we sat no cars or motorcycles were coming in the other directions. 

Cars started turning around and heading back down the hill. The stress of sitting in traffic in the cities creeped up in me. Finally, after 30 to 40 minutes of essentially no movement, motorcycles and cars began coming down the hill.

After about one hour and 15 minutes we arrived to the parking area and needed to look for Best de Lunas shuttle to go up the hill that requires 4X4 to pass. Outside Parqueo #2 we met the other Carlos the driver and as we discover the owner of this glamping site.

He showed us the issue that caused the traffic backing up on his phone which you can see in the following video.

Carlos and his girlfriend Mercedes are a charismatic likable couple that speaks English quite well and play the roll of host with true hospitality. 

When we arrived at Beso de Luna he gave us a tour. No waiting was needed as our friend Carlos, who I will refer to as Carlito’s Way from here out, was quick to hand us two glasses of wine and he and Carlos, El Jefe, showed us around the project.

The tents for clamping are very nice and each has a private bathroom with hot water shower and everything you need.

Dame’s second set started around 2:00Pm and the music and singing were excellent. In between sets below the bar was a group of about eight young Guatemalans shooting a Tie Tok video in front of the fire pit and colorful lean to set up near by.

A family of about 9 people came in shortly after the Tik Tokkers sat down and ordered so we decided to wait until their food came out to before ordering our Beef Tenderloin Skewers, which are called Pinchos del Chef on the menu.

Overall we had a great time and really enjoyed the views. I I was hoping I had enough money with us to cover the bill as we had about five wines each and two orders of skewers. Luckily wines are 2 X 1 on Sundays so are total bill was an extremely reasonable Q238 (USD$. 31 which includes a 10% tip)

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