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How did I end up in Antigua, Guatemala?

In mid April 2019, my mother got hit by a golf cart in her retirement community in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

I flew out of Managua on the 13th to go up for a few weeks to provide chauffeur service for my parents, as my Dad has neuropathy and is unable to drive.

Nicaragua’s Political Upheaval

On April 17th I read a post on Facebook from my friend Gio a local musician in San Juan del Sur. It was a reference to the government cutting benefits to retirees and on the 18th I read his comments about an incident that happened where elderly protestors were abused.

The 19th brought a crack down and killing of students and young people that came out in support of the elder protestors. After 13 years in Central America, my Spanish is still not fluent. I got on messenger and got the low down from my wife. It was not good.

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Over the next two weeks things went from bad to worse. On the advice of my wife I extended my stay in Arizona.

Return To Costa Rica

We ended up meeting over six months later in San Jose, Costa Rica. My friend John had an empty apartment in the complex he managed and my daughter was trying to work things out with her husband, a Costa Rican doctor. It all made sense and my wife met me there.

Life has a funny way of working. As it is said, “Men make plans and God laughs.”

My daughter and newly born granddaughter were moving back to Florida. My friend John had to move back to Portland for health reasons.

Here we were in an area where crime was rising and costs were sky rocketing. It was common for a dinner out to be costing us $70 and there were two armed robberies and two shooting within blocks from our house.

I make my living on line so I can live anywhere in the world. Between doing digital marketing for a group of assisted living homes and affiliate marketing I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Making of The Antigua Insider

After 13 months in Antigua I am not an expert but I am definitely an insider. I remember first moving to Costa Rica in 2005, when I knew no one and did not speak the language. I wished there was someone that could have mentored me and been a concierge for me and my family.

I have had much success and a few failures over my years here in Central America and look forward to help other that are just coming for a short trip, a few month stay, relocating or those that operate business here.

I have an expertise in Gorilla marketing, driving traffic to websites, and getting traffic through your businesses front door.

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