Consulting Packages

Do you have ton of questions about living in Antigua? We here to give you answers and do an specific research you need!

Living full time in Central America since 2005 has been quite a ride. When we arrived in country we had no idea of what we were getting into but looked forward to an adventure.

At that time there were very few resources for people moving to Costa Rica.

We dove in head first…sink or swim.

Many people would not take that type of leap with out some help and guidance and that is what we are here for.

Our relocation consulting sessions provide real answers from personal experience.

Let’s chat– either in person or via Skype – and we can dig into the heart of the matter and give you a true look into what it is like living in Antigua.


  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Cost of living
  • Schooling
  • Crime & safety
  • Day to day life
  • Health care
  • Bilingual Churches
  • Importation of household goods & vehicles
  • Long term rentals
  • Moving with pets
  • Real estate & land purchases
  • Residency


One Skype Call

A Skype call is a great way for us to connect from a distance. Get answers to your questions from the comfort of your home at a time that’s convenient for you.

$50 USD per hour

Two Skype Calls

A 2nd Skype call is a great way to have those questions answered that you forgot to ask or came up in conversation after our 1st call.

$40 USD per hour with a two hour minimum which $80 total plus $40 per additional hour

Happy Hour or Coffee Talk

You choose the time; we’ll choose the place. Pick our brains … for a couple hours … over coffee, sodas or cervezas.

$85 USD Drinks & Snacks Included

Let’s Do Dinner

This session starts with Happy Hour on a terrace with Volcano views. Once the sun has set we’ll walk a couple blocks to our favorite restaurant for some good food and great conversation.

$150 USD Food and Drinks Included

The Antigua Low Down

Join us for on a walking tour and orientation of town. We’ll show you where we shop and we’ll point out some of our favorite restaurants and happy hour spots. We’ll also drive around to some expat inhabited neighborhoods in and around Antigua.  With this session no corner of Antigua will be left unturned and no questions will be left unanswered.

$100 USD


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