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What Is The Cost of Living In Antigua, Guatemala?

The answer to that question can be best answered by finding out how you like to live. My wife and I go out to eat frequently, we are social people. We eat out maybe a third to half our meals.

If you want to get to the bottomline scroll down to the bottom of the page. Those of you that want to read more about my life in Antigua continue on reading.

My wife eats breakfast most mornings at her friends place, Yzote Kape, where she may have a typical Chapine breakfast for Q20 or $2.60.

That meal is 2 eggs, ground black beans, cheese, plantains, two tortillas and a coffee.

What would that cost to make at home vs. restaurant cost?

2 EggsQ2 = $0.25The
BeansQ1 = $0.15Friendships
CheeseQ3 = $0.45She Has
PlantainsQ0.5 = $0.06Developed
2 TortillasQ0.5 = $0.07Are
CoffeeQ1 = $0.15Priceless
TotalQ8 = $1.07Q20 = $2.70

I also eat Pupusas there, Evelyn the owner is from El Salvador, are authentic, delicious and cheap. I have a drink, 2 pupusas, cabbage salad for Q25 = $3.35.

Evelyn helps support her mother and pays for her daughters school expenses from this little business in La Fuente. If you stop in there for lunch make sure you say you heard about her from my blog.

You will probably see my wife sitting at the end of the counter in her favorite spot.

I probably have pupusas three days a week.

Cafes In Antigua, My Afternoon Luxury

Another luxury expense of mine is an afternoon coffee a couple of times a week. A couple of guys from my church, Shoreline City, have coffee shops.

One is Coffea, in the back Chermol Restaurant and run by Frosty. Frosty’s English is excellent as is Paco’s who is often at the coffee bar on his computer working.

My other spot is The River Coffee House down on 7a Calle Oriente near the church Santuario San Francisco el Grande. Stop in and say hi to Roberto. This cafe is a mission of Roberto and his wife Cali. You can read their story and about their mission on their website.

Best Places For A Glass of Wine In Antigua

Wine With A Garden View

If I eat a late lunch, it is often because I got up and started working at 4AM, which it is currently 4:46 AM as I type this and if we were not in quarentine I might head out for lunch around 2PM.

After a couple pupusas we may get up from the counter, turn around and walk back to La Taverna. A glass of white wine, I like my wine like myself…white and cheap, sitting outside in the garden is Q25 = $3.35 and it is the same price at the bar.

Wine With A Volcano View

There are quite a few places with a view of the volcanoes but our local hangout is The Snug. You can get a bottle of their finest wine for Q106 = $14.15 or Q25 per glass.

Wine While People Watching

The best place to people watch outside of Parque Central is at the arch on Calle del Arco. Right below the arch is a tiny wine and cigar shop called Tobaco y Vinos.

Their promotion of 1st wine Q35, 2nd wine Q30, 3rd wine Q25, and 4th wine Q20 makes an for an enjoyable and maybe tipsy afternoon or evening of people watcking.

What about your daily & monthly costs, Inside guy?

I am not going to give you the same boring crap as everyone else. Numbeo has those numbers and they are right in line. I clipped them and posted them below.

These costs on their sites get updated regularly and are fairly accurate.

If you want a better idea of what things will cost you according to your lifestyle then why not schedule a consultation with me, you can check out my consulting packages by clicking here.

Here are Numbeos numbers:

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