Visa Extension


Options For Guatemala Visa Extension 

You have three options to renew your tourist visa for an extra 90 days:

A) You can leave the country for one day (24 hours), other c4 countries do not count so a quick trip to El Salvador is out, get an exit stamp on your passport, then a new         entry stamp when you return.

Land crossing options are Costa Rica to the South, Belize to the Northeast and Mexico to the North.

By bus Costa Rica is more than a day away, Belize is about a 12 hour trip and Mexico is about 6 hours away.

Mexico is the option most people that need to leave the country choose since it’s the cheapest ride and closest destination.

B) Go to the central office in Guatemala City and apply for a permit extension.

Immigration Office Guatemala City

Avenida 6, 3-11, Zona 4

Open: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 8:30am-4:30pm.

Phone #: (502) 2411-2411


We recommend taking Uber to and from immigration at about Q180 each way.

Go By Chicken Bus(famous for dangerous drivers)- here is a good post on how to take the chicken bus to immigration on OK Antiguas website you can see by clicking here.

What you need for your immigration trip.

DIY Travel HQ has a good post that explains everything but my experience doing this was that I had only a debit card and no credit card and had no issues.

Check out their post by clicking here.

C) Avoid the hassle of the city by going to immigration lawyers in Antigua, on the right hand side inside the entrance to Monoloco a sports bar on 5a Avenida Sur, half a block away from Parque Central. A lawyer will take care of the paperwork for you, get it stamped, and return your passport promptly


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